Divorce Emotions

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Through the Emotions of Divorce

Divorce is never something a couple expects when they say the words “I do.” Unfortunately, though, life can sometimes interfere with marriage and divorce becomes the messy end of a former love story.

Understanding Emotional Stages of Divorce:

Since divorce is such a jarring situation, emotions run high. Denial, anger, sadness, anxiety; they’re all there with you during the divorce process and can have a negative impact on your outcome without legal help.

Find out more information about the emotions you may go through amidst a divorce and how a dedicated lawyer can help you stay on track for the best divorce outcome.


During a divorce, you may become overwhelmed with the fact that you are actually going through the process. Your denial could extend to the point that you think divorce may not be the right decision and that you and your soon-to-be-ex can still work through the problems.

In the middle of a divorce is when you should accept the truth that your marriage not working out was for the best. By this time, your divorce lawyer has helped you gather evidence of a bad marriage during the discovery process. When you feel like blaming yourself for the mistakes of your ex, take some time to review the proof and push forward to a satisfying end to the process.

Anger and Resentment

In the case of a contested divorce, anger and resentment are usually present. This is especially true during the stages where major decisions regarding property division, spousal support, and child custody are made.

It’s okay to be upset with your spouse, but allowing your emotions to get in the way of the plan you and your divorce lawyer have created could ruin your chances of an outcome in your favor.

Also, your divorce is something that involves the whole family, so if you approach important terms with anger, it could also impact your children if you have them.

If you know you aren’t able to control your emotions around your spouse during negotiations, this is an essential reason why you need to have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side. No one should try to negotiate their own divorce settlement, especially when tension is high. Trust your divorce lawyers to help you craft fair and accurate negotiation points and work with the other side to meet in agreement.

Letting Go

You want life after divorce to be as comfortable as possible. However, without the right legal help, there is still the possibility of financial missteps even after you’ve let go of your spouse. Once the divorce is final, work with your divorce lawyer to ensure that:

All joint credit accounts have been closed.

Changes that affect your credit score have been finalized (i.e. debt-related obligations)Financial surprises are never fun, especially when starting over. So talk with your lawyer during the divorce process about protecting your finances with a credit-protective divorce decree.


The family law attorneys of Marx, Altman & Johnson have witnessed every emotion of divorce and are prepared to help you get through the process. We will help you make the right legal decisions for your family and allow you to live with your emotions without interfering with your needs at the end of the divorce. Learn more about what will my divorce cost? and what makes us the value firm? Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.