At Marx, Altman & Johnson family law firm we understand how stressful litigation can be to our clients. Therefore, we manage our practice to both accommodate the needs of our clients and make their proceedings as painless as possible.


    Your initial legal consultation at our family law firm is absolutely free of charge. This offer is of particular value as we generally schedule your consultation with a well seasoned divorce attorney, with around 15 years or more of family law experience.

    Free Divorce Lawyer Consultation in Dallas Fort Worth

    In order to get your free divorce consultation, you need to bring the printed certificate with you at the scheduled divorce consultation.

    Note: If you cannot print the free certificate, contact our offices.
    Call our law offices to schedule a free consultation with our divorce lawyers.

    Fort Worth: (817) 926-6211 Dallas: (214) 800-2848.


    Beginning as low as $225.00, we offer some of the lowest fees in DFW for agreed cases with attorney representation. Our fees for contested divorce cases are also among the lowest around.


    We offer affordable payment plans. We understand that many clients who need our services cannot afford to pay all fees up front. We usually let you pay only a small portion of the fee to start the case, and we continue to represent you as long as you can make the agreed upon monthly payment. We believe that one should not go without effective representation simply because he/she is not able to pay all fees up front.


    We charge only flat fees for our cases. Since we do not charge by the hour, our clients do not have to worry about surprise billings each month. We began utilizing the flat fee system to benefit our clients for several reasons. First, it is all too common to see a litigant start a proceeding on an hourly billing basis only to see him/her unable to continue with the case because of the greater-than-expected attorney fees. We have found that this can be avoided with the flat fee system. Further, a billing system based on hours worked actually rewards an attorney’s inefficiency, while the flat fee system rewards efficiency. Obviously, the more efficient a law firm is, the greater value it can provide to its client.


    We understand that during the stressful litigation experience, communication with your divorce lawyer can be crucial. While many law firms charge in 15 minute increments for phone calls, these fees can add up and discourage effective communication. This is why we do not charge.


    Some traditional law firms will “nickel and dime” their clients by charging for every conceivable extra cost, such as copy fees, postage fees, courier costs, and others. At Marx, Altman, & Johnson, the flat fee we quote up front is fully inclusive, so you will not have any of those unpleasant surprises.


    When you hire Marx, Altman, & Johnson for your divorce or family law issue, you can rest assured that your case will be assigned to an attorney that handles ONLY divorce and family law cases. By limiting our practice to one area of law, our clients benefit from the wealth of family law experience gained over our firm’s long history. This experience brings with it a wide-depth of knowledge about family law, along with some tricks of the trade which come only with vast experience.

    Some traditional law firms are known to assign a divorce case to a lawyer who primarily does criminal law or personal injury or bankruptcy… we believe that our model is a better value.



      Since we have the experience from representing our clients in thousands of cases, our attorneys are well-versed in issues of divorce and family law. They are up to speed from the moment they take your case, so you don’t have to pay for a learning curve.


      Because so many clients choose to hire Marx, Altman, & Johnson each year, we are able to offer greatly reduced fees due to the benefits of volume efficiency.

      One such example is the use of the Mass Docket. A Mass Docket is a tool a law-firm can utilize to help keep costs down by divorcing a large number of clients at a single court appearance. When the Court accommodates such a docket, our lawyers can divorce fifty clients in a single one-hour proceeding and distribute the cost for the proceeding between all fifty clients. This is substantially cheaper for the clients than divorcing one client each trip down to the courthouse.

      Being a high-volume firm also makes it possible for us to take advantage of other cost savings opportunities and pass those savings on to our clients. For example, if it is determined that a $10,000 investment in a software upgrade would allow us to handle each case faster and cheaper, then the ability to divide that cost over 1,000 clients during the year would mean a cost of only $10 per client to justify the upgrade. However, if we only handled 100 cases per year, we would have to pass along a whopping $100 dollars per client to recoup that same investment in the same year. So in this example, more clients equals lower fees.


      At Marx, Altman, & Johnson, we utilize a state of the art proprietary information management system for maximum efficiency. We continually embrace cutting edge technology at every opportunity as we look for ways to improve in all aspects of case management and courtroom preparation. By operating more efficiently through the use of technology, we are able to pass savings down to our clients by maintaining lower fees.


      At Marx, Altman, & Johnson, we look for innovative ways provide our services faster, better, and cheaper. We never assume that the traditional way of doing things is necessarily the best. Instead, we examine each project from every possible angle seeking a better solution.

      One example of an innovative way to we do things at Marx, Altman, & Johnson is our “attorney team” approach. Realizing that individual attorneys are best suited for particular areas within the practice of law, we have tailored the role of each of our attorneys as to allow them to take on the jobs for which he or she is most exceptional at doing. For example, the lawyer who is exceptionally skilled at drafting documents does a majority of the document drafting for the firm, and the lawyer that is exceptionally skilled at assessing cases does most of the client interviews for the firm. The attorney with the best case managing ability manages the caseload for the firm, the lawyer who is especially savvy about finance is assigned the firm’s financially complex trials, and so forth. This division of labor keeps our lawyers working at their maximum efficiency, and saves our clients substantial fees.

Rely on Marx, Altman & Johnson to provide the results you need. Call us at 214-800-2848 for your consultation today.

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