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While divorce can often be a heated legal dispute, sometimes both parties can reach a final agreement in a peaceful and courteous manner. However, due to the complexities of the legal process, it is imperative to obtain knowledgeable and responsive legal representation from a skilled divorce attorney to ensure you obtain the most favorable result inside or outside the courtroom.

At Marx, Altman & Johnson, our legal team can protect your rights and best interests throughout the divorce process. With more than two decades of legal experience, we have successfully represented over 10,000 clients in divorce and family law matters. To ensure our clients get high-quality legal services for the right price, our firm offers affordable flat fees and payment plan options to individuals and couples who are interested in filing for divorce in Plano, TX.

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About Divorce in Texas

You or your spouse must be a Texas resident for at least six consecutive months to file for divorce in Texas. Furthermore, one spouse needs to be a resident of the county where the divorce is filed for a minimum of 90 days (about three months).

In Texas, you can file for a “no-fault” divorce, which means neither spouse must blame the other for causing the marriage to break down. Rather, the petitioner spouse simply states there are “irreconcilable differences” between both parties and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. Nevertheless, no-fault divorce can either be cordial or hotly contested.

The two main forms of divorce in Texas are a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce means both spouses cannot agree on all terms of a divorce, while an uncontested divorce occurs when there are no disagreements on all divorce-related issues.

Common divorce-related terms include:

  • Property division
  • Debt allocation
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody
  • Child support

There are two types of uncontested divorce: agreed divorce and default divorce. An agreed divorce simply means both parties agree on all issues and are willing to sign the divorce forms. A default divorce occurs when one party fails to respond to the divorce petition or does not show up to court.

In general, uncontested divorces are less costly and time-consuming compared to contested divorces since the spouses can avoid court litigation. Yet, a couple involved in a contested divorce can reach a final agreement without going to court if they agree to participate in divorce mediation, in which a neutral third party encourages both parties to communicate and helps them resolve their differences. But, if both parties cannot compromise in mediation, then the divorce will go to court for a judge to decide on all terms.

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