The cost of a divorce in Texas can sound daunting to anyone who hasn’t dealt with it before. When someone who is seeking a contested or uncontested divorce starts doing some research, they’re bombarded with information about the difficulty and expense of it. With Marx, Altman & Johnson we do everything we can to keep the cost of your divorce as low as possible. We understand that everyone has a budget and as your divorce attorneys, we will try our hardest to respect yours.

Getting Divorced in Texas is Affordable.

Sample Legal Fees for an Agreed Divorce in Dallas or Tarrant County:

  • If you do not own real estate and have no children who are minors – $225.00
  • If you own one home and have no children who are minors – $325.00
  • If you do not own real estate but you and your spouse have children – $475.00
  • If you own one home and you and your spouse have children – $575.00
PLEASE NOTE: The above fees are for cases in Dallas and Tarrant County only. Prices vary in neighboring counties. Fees may also vary based on the complexity of your property and/or custody provisions. Fees charged by the courts are not included above.

Legal Fees for a Contested Divorce in Dallas or Tarrant County:

We handle the average contested case in Dallas or Tarrant County for around $2,950 in legal fees. However, fees for a contested divorce vary somewhat as they are dependent on the complexity of a particular case. At your initial consultation, we will give you a firm quote for your total fees.

Pro Se Divorce Packages:

A Pro Se Divorce package is simply a do-it-yourself divorce kit. Sometimes they consist of blank forms to fill out and others are fully prepared by a divorce attorney. It is not legal for a non-attorney to prepare legal forms for a fee. The advantage of a Pro Se Package is that it may save a small amount of money. The disadvantages are many. We have seen many unfortunate cases where a person comes into our office having already used a “divorce kit” they purchased elsewhere only to lose out on receiving retirement, military benefits, or other sums of money they were entitled to.

Frequently, clients will come in and ask us to prepare a Pro Se Divorce Package for them. After further consultation, however, clients rarely decide to go that route. This is because all of our fees are based on how much time the matter will take us to complete, and it works out such that the divorce cost for a Pro Se Package ends up only slightly cheaper than our fees for full representation. Clients generally choose to have a licensed attorney by their side every step of the way since the price is comparable to a Pro Se Package. Choosing a divorce lawyer for representation is also a significantly simpler route for the client.

Let Marx, Altman & Johnson Help

A divorce can be a long, expensive process for divorce seekers. With our Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas divorce attorneys at Marx, Altman & Johnson, it doesn’t have to be. Let us help walk you through the confusing legal process and get the most out of your divorce. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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