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The goal of a divorce is to get your life started on a new path under the best possible circumstances. During a contested divorce, there can be a lot on the line.

Between child custody, property division and potential financial mishaps, you want to make sure that every move you make leading up to your divorce hearing is planned and in your favor.

However, some missteps could easily ruin your divorce case and leave you living with the unfortunate results.

Filing Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes people are so eager to be the first to file for divorce that they just jump head-first into the process without consulting with a divorce lawyer. Often this leaves people scrambling for documents at the last minute, spending inordinate amounts of money and adding stress to an already difficult situation.

While being the first to file can be advantageous in some situations, it’s always best to approach divorce with caution, preparation, and legal counsel at your side.

Before being the first to file, take the time to get your financials in order, meet with a reliable Fort Worth divorce lawyer, and formulate a solid case that holds up in court.

Making Decisions Out of Spite

Angry decisions during a divorce are rarely decisions that are the best choice for your situation. Although you may feel angry, wounded, and even betrayed by your spouse, there could be too much at stake to make a decision out of spite against your soon-to-be ex.

Often, these decisions end up pushing a divorce out longer, create more hostility between the parties, and can severely damage your family’s future if children are involved with your case.

In this situation, while a spiteful decision may seem like a bright idea now, in the future, it could be one that devastates your whole family.

Hiding Assets

Property division is one of the biggest steps in the divorce process. Yes, everyone involved wants to keep their finances in good standing, but we guarantee that the courts will ensure assets are divided just and fair.

Hiding assets rarely works in a divorce case. Your secret will definitely be found out by either your lawyer or your ex-spouse’s lawyer. This completely damages your credibility in any other arguments surrounding your divorce and could potentially ruin your case. Working with your attorney to protect those assets is often a much better solution.

Refusing to Be Honest with Your Lawyer

On a similar note, your lawyer is your “head coach” during your divorce. You need to be upfront and honest about all aspects of your case. Refusing to be truthful not only makes it difficult for your lawyer to help defend your stance but it could lead to you fending for yourself at future hearings.

Honesty is important to family law attorneys. Without an honest representation of your marriage, not only is the information in your case no longer credible, but a lawyer’s reputation is on the line and they could withdraw themselves from your case.

Agreeing to Rushed Terms

Sometimes a client may want to just agree to any terms in order to get the divorce over with quickly. Divorce decrees are binding and you could end up damaging your chances of favorable outcomes like child support, finances, and spousal support.

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