DIY divorce

Sometimes even in the shadow of a divorce, couples believe that their amicable approach to the situation means they don’t need lawyers involved. While a DIY effort may seem like a way to save money and ensure both parties get what they want in the end, the truth is that divorce is complicated and can easily become derailed with emotion.

In order to avoid major hazards in the divorce process, an experienced family law attorney is necessary for both people involved. Here’s a closer look at some of the top reasons why a DIY divorce could be one of the biggest mistakes of your marriage.

You Could Have Misconceptions About Child Support

Child support is a top divorce issue that must be approached with the help of a divorce lawyer.

When children are involved, their livelihood isn’t an area where small mistakes can be made, especially when it comes to an agreement of how much child support is necessary.

A divorce lawyer can help define exactly what child support covers, what the state mandates when it comes to the calculation of support, and how to approach negotiations that involve extra financial support for your child and spouse.

Co-Parenting Plans Could Be Overlooked

Aside from general child support misconceptions, some couples may not believe that they need to come up with a true co-parenting plan once the divorce is finalized. Making the plan to work things out on your own as scheduling issues arise is only a plan that ends in disaster.

A divorce lawyer can help you finalize who your children stay with, visitation schedules, and alternative plans to follow when life does get in the way of the divorce decree’s schedule.

You Could Make Costly Mistakes

Filing for a divorce in Texas is a complicated process that involves bringing to light several documents and evidence that helps support your side of negotiations when finalizing the divorce decree.

Without a lawyer on your side, mistakes can easily be made that increase the cost of your divorce and could also prevent you from arranging a sufficient argument to present to a judge during hearings.

You can Quickly End Up in a Contested Divorce

Even a divorce that starts off friendly can quickly become a contested divorce when emotions eventually overcome the situation and blur the lines of fair and just negotiations. At this point the help of divorce lawyers is essential because your divorce now faces several complications that require:

  • Negotiation
  • Possible mediation
  • Assistance with protecting your rights during the divorce process

Approach Your Divorce Expertly With the Help of Marx, Altman & Johnson

Getting a divorce is never an easy decision for any family. As emotions run high, and negotiations must be made, you’ll need a qualified Dallas divorce lawyer on your side to keep the process running smoothly. Trust the divorce attorneys of Marx, Altman & Johnson to help guide you to the end of your divorce without the complications that could arise with attempting to venture out on your own. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.

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