Divorced and Sending Kids Back to School

School buses are in full effect and children are ready to get back to the classroom. While this may be business as usual for most families, if you’ve recently gone through a divorce, then this is one of the first hurdles you and your ex-spouse are going to face.

Whatever your child custody or co-parenting plan is, now is the time to form a unified front and ensure your children have a successful school year during this difficult time. Before the school year goes on too long, try out these tips to make the transition into the classroom a smooth one.

Remember, the First Day Sets the Tone for the Whole Year

A little positivity goes a long way; and in the aftermath of a divorce, this makes a huge difference when your kids are going through a lot. It’s your job as parents to at least take a day out of the year to come together and set a positive tone for the school year.

If both parents are comfortable with the option, and custody allows it,  plan on being there together when your young ones leave for school. Not only does this give your child a sense of unity between them and their parents, but it can also be a good way to open the doorway for co-parenting if it currently isn’t part of your plan.

If you strongly believe that having your ex present isn’t the best idea, then another show of goodwill on your side will be to send your ex pictures of your kids as they embark on their big first day.

Share a Family Calendar

Even if you have a difficult co-parent, a family calendar is a digital option that allows everyone to stay in the loop for the many scheduled events that will arise throughout the year. A digital calendar is great for keeping track of:

  • Sports practice and game days
  • Doctor appointments
  • Big school deadlines
  • Photo day
  • Scheduled vacation days

Keep in mind that this plan only works well if the parent in charge of the calendar regularly updates it as the year goes on.

Prepare for In-Service and Inclement Weather Days

If you have shared custody of your children, sometimes nature or in-service days can interfere with how your plan functions. It’s a good idea to come up with a plan when unexpected days home arise. Sometimes it can be difficult for parents to strictly follow their child custody orders in these situations. So, having a plan on how these days will be handled is key to creating security and preventing confusion.

Share Timely Health Information

If the school sends out an email discussing a current break out of the flu or pink eye, the chances of both of you getting the memo are slim. Any illnesses caught at school can develop and spread at any time. Keeping your ex aware of current illnesses your child may be exposed to is essential.

Take Care of Back-to-School While Marx, Altman & Johnson Take Care of the Divorce

If the divorce you’re going through interferes with the back-to-school rush, let the professional divorce attorneys of Marx, Altman & Johnson help you weather the storm. We practice several areas of divorce law and have helped many families come to terms both parties are comfortable with. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.




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