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Even though Texas is currently in its first phase of reopening, we all know that life as we lived it before, won’t be the same again. With 25% occupancy in valid places of operation, there’s a lot of adjusting that has to happen; even in the legal aspects of the economy.

As counties and courts begin to open back up this month, many people going through, or thinking of divorce may question how this pandemic could change the system. While we don’t have a crystal ball to show us the way, our team has already been practicing at a social distance throughout the emergence of COVID-19.

We see that times are changing and we’re ready to meet the challenge head-on. Here are some of the key ways we think that divorce proceedings will (or will not) be impacted by the “new normal.”

Technology Becomes The New Standard

The beauty of technology is that it’s adaptable and allows clients and lawyers to make important decisions without the absolute need to visit an office. Although in-person visits are still an option for our firm, keeping a social distance at this time is essential for everyone’s safety.

Although working remotely isn’t something that most law firms have regularly practiced, we think that with the right online security measures in place, it could be an efficient way to keep the smaller cogs of the divorce process moving.

Paperless Practice

Through secured online portals, clients can now easily process, sign, and send documents to their lawyers without leaving their home. Although this practice isn’t something that’s entirely new, we believe that as the world begins to adjust to new life changes, paperless practice will become the full norm.

Not only does virtual document processing keep all parties healthy, but it also presents the opportunity to speed up the divorce process. What would have taken weeks can now take mere days or minutes through the simple act of going paperless.

Legal Virtual Security will Be Forced to Step Up

Although we love the idea of improving the legal system from the comfort of an online network, in order for this to work, lawyers across the world will have to ensure that their system is safe and secure. Whether you are going through an agreed or contested divorce, it is something that is highly confidential, therefore, lawyers will have to ensure their network implements measures like:

  • Practicing HIPAA standard online security
  • Excellent firewalls
  • Encryption

Efficient Communication Will Be More Important Than Ever

With the new reliance on emails, virtual meetings, and other forms of instant correspondence, clients will be able to quickly know that they’ve made the right decision in a divorce lawyer that is able to put prompt communication first. We predict that the practice of these new forms of communication will make client-lawyer communication better than ever in the future.

We firmly believe that these changes will easily weed out the hourly time wasters from the cream of the legal crop.

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