Divorced Man Saying Goodbye to His Child

The summer can be a tough time for parents living life after a divorce. From difficult co-parenting schedules to vacations that lead to extensive time away from your children, some parents may find themselves alone the majority of this season.

Apart from the loneliness, summer vacation can also rekindle feelings of contempt between ex-spouses if arguments arise about who gets to take the kids on vacation or how long an individual has the children. 

Don’t let your first summer as newly divorced parents put a damper on your kid’s fun. If you’re having trouble coping with the thought of summer away from your kids, try out these six tips to help make this new reality more manageable.

Create a Summer Plan in Advance

During the co-parenting process, always having a plan before summer starts helps to avoid confusion and undesired arguments. Take some time to talk with your ex-spouse and plan out how your child will spend their summer. This is the time to discuss:

  • Out of town travel plans
  • Emergency contacts
  • Food allergies and other medical information
  • Medications your child may need
  • Who else will spend time with your child

Remind Your Kids This Time Apart is Okay

Sit down with your kids and prepare them for spending the summer away from you. Small children will often worry about leaving their mother or father “home alone”. Don’t let this emotional burden fall on their shoulders. Let them know that while they’ll be having fun, you will also be busy doing things around your neck of the woods, but you will all keep in touch while they’re away. The key is to refrain from focusing on the fact that this situation will be hard on you.

Schedule Time to Check In

Successful co-parenting relies on compromise. Meet with your ex-spouse and create a schedule that enables you to have contact with your kids while they’re away.

Even if you are the parent with the most custodial rights, you should keep your Skype and phone calls short and sweet. Remember, this is time reserved for the other parent in their lives. Don’t encroach on their time.

Put Faith in Your Ex-Spouse

Even though you and your ex-spouse may have lost love between each other, always remember that your ex loves your children. Be confident that they will take every possible measure to ensure that your children are safe and well-cared for during their time away.

Practice Self-Care and Enjoy It!

Life after divorce presents a very jarring change of pace for many people. But time away from your children is something you can use to your emotional advantage. Make the most of this time apart and spend time with other members of your family, get in touch with old friends, or treat yourself to some personal pampering.  Your kids are off having a good time; you should do the same.

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