Holidays Healthy During Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is a process that can create several emotional roadblocks amongst family members. Although you and your soon-to-be-ex aren’t on the best terms at this time, if you have children involved with your divorce, as parents, you still want to give them the best holiday you can.

Even though your divorce is a life-altering event, this season only comes once a year. Try these holiday ideas that will help keep the coldness of your divorce out of the season.

Keep Your Expectations Open

Yes, your life is drastically changing, but your divorce shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the holiday. Even if you start practicing your child custody agreement and find yourself alone on the holiday don’t let the loneliness defeat you.

Building up the holiday in your mind is easy, and until now, you’ve experienced it with your family. Our suggestion is to make plans with a friend, keep yourself busy, and above all, remember that this holiday is simply a bump in the road as you and your ex try to make holiday planning a fair experience for everyone.

Make Plans Now and Stay True to Your Word

Divorce and the holidays is all about planning ahead and sticking to the course. Especially amidst your contested divorce when negotiations like child support and property division are ongoing, the last thing you want to do is make waves that cause arguments.

Plan ahead and figure out how your children will spend the holidays. Will they have two celebrations? Will the go with your ex this year and you the next? These are all questions you and your loved ones need to decide on.

Of course, it’s always in your best interest to look outside of the situation and consider how your children would like to spend the holiday.

Put Your Contested Divorce Arguments on the Sideline

Heated arguments may be the norm behind closed doors, but during the holidays, put your differences aside. Your children will take note of how you and your ex are reacting to the situations at hand.

The last thing you want is your children to think they are the reason that the holidays are difficult this year. If you can deal with the holiday decisions in a mature fashion, please do so.

However, sometimes couples may not be able to stay calm. In this case, we suggest having a neutral family member step in to help keep up the holiday cheer.

Don’t Leave Your Future Ex-Spouse Out

You may not want to get your ex gifts this season, but, remember, they are still a part of your children’s lives. Do what you can to help your children make this holiday a special one for their mom or dad who isn’t currently in your good graces. Remember, if your kids are younger, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend any money. Do something like help them bake cookies or create a card for their other parent.

Let Marx, Altman & Johnson Help You Get Through Your Contested Divorce

After the holidays are over, your contested divorce will continue on. If you find that you need legal help throughout the rest of the process, the Fort Worth divorce attorneys of Marx, Altman & Johnson can help. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation.


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