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An unhappy marriage isn’t a relationship you want to be in for the rest of your life. But how do you know when it’s time to divorce and move on? For many couples, this is a tough decision that affects not only the couple but often their children as well. As divorce attorneys, we often act as not only legal representatives, but as emotional support as well. We’re sharing a few ways to know if you’re ready for a divorce.

Are Your Finances in Order?

Many households rely on two incomes to function. When you lose one income, it can completely turn your finances upside down. If a couple divorces, they’ll have to be prepared to adjust their lifestyle quite a bit. Most clients that come to our family lawyers seeking a divorce learn very quickly that they’ll have to sacrifice some of the nicer things in life to make ends meet.

For other households, the couple relies on one income to sustain the household. In cases like this, it’s hard for the stay-at-home spouse to work up the courage to get a divorce or even agree to one. Having a plan to support yourself during and after the divorce is finalized is an important part of knowing whether you’re ready or not.

Have You Sought Counseling?

Many couples seek marital counseling if they think there’s a chance that the marriage can be saved. A professional counselor can help the couple work through their issues or provide advice as to whether the couple is really compatible or not. In many cases, issues are permanent and the couple agrees to an uncontested divorce.

Do You Have Good Divorce Lawyers?

When divorces involve children, possessions, and money, a good divorce attorney is important. A contested divorce is often a long, drawn out process with lots of emotion involved. Having the right family law attorneys to help you through the proceedings makes the entire ordeal much easier.

Our affordable divorce attorneys are caring individuals that want the best possible outcome for your case. Experience and compassion are the two things that set us apart from other law firms.

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