Co-Parenting Schedule

The new year is approaching fast, and if you’re going through a divorce in Fort Worth that involves child custody, it’s time to start considering your options. You want your children to feel loved during this emotional time of their lives. One step a divorcing couple can take to better a family situation is to meet with their divorce lawyers and create a co-parenting schedule.

Although this process requires a commitment and civility that may be hard to find in the case of a contested divorce, it’s one that highly benefits your children. That’s why it’s so important to have your lawyer involved in the process. They are a third-party spectator and can help you create a functioning visitation schedule.

Here are some things your lawyer, you, and your soon-to-be-ex can do to create a co-parenting schedule that works for everyone in the new year.

A Co-Parenting Schedule is an Excellent Blueprint for Success

During a contested divorce, tensions are generally high and there isn’t much that parents will agree on. That’s why when children are involved, it’s best to create a co-parenting schedule that lays out a plan that parents can follow as a default when coming to visitation agreements just isn’t possible.

Think About the Logistics Involved

Once your co-parenting schedule has been approved by the court, it can only be changed through the courts. So, you’ll want to make sure to get your lawyer involved in the process and that all of the logistics are ironed out with your spouse prior to the finalization of your divorce.

Some of the details that should be considered include:

  • The physical distance between both parents
  • Work schedules
  • What stays at both houses (clothes, toys, athletic equipment, etc.)
  • A realistic and fair holiday schedule

Your co-parenting plan is something that is going to play a huge role in helping your family move on from your divorce. Put significant thought in the decisions you make, and stick to them.

Put Your Kid’s Schedules First

Don’t create your co-parenting schedule around times that are convenient for you. Put your children’s needs at the forefront and keep important things in mind like:

  • After-school obligations
  • Athletic schedules
  • Seasonal school schedules
  • Unplanned and planned school closures

Always make sure a backup plan is created for your visitation schedule. Life happens, and you and your ex don’t want negative emotions to resurface when a curveball is thrown your way.

Remember, This is a Joint Effort

The goal of a co-parenting plan is to give your children the opportunity to spend as much time with each parent as possible. Your schedule isn’t about creating a clear winner or loser, it’s about managing the situation at hand like adults.

In order for co-parenting to work, it’s going to take some healthy communication, putting animosity aside, and understanding that terms may change down the road.

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