Halloween as New Co-Parents

If co-parents split child custody, Halloween is the perfect holiday to iron out the co-parenting holiday plans. Remember, the holidays are equally for your children as well as yourselves. So, ensuring a pleasant experience for all is the goal.

This Halloween is no exception! Try out these co-parenting methods during this popular holiday while your family adjusts to its new situation.

Co-Parents Must Get Familiar With Their New Neighborhoods

Most divorces result in one or both parents moving to a new location. Get to know your surroundings before Halloween by talking to your neighbors about the safest and best routes for trick-or-treaters.

Help further acquaint your kids with the neighborhood with a walk around the block, introducing them to new neighbors and their surroundings.

Keep Yourself Flexible

If you are part of a child custody agreement with teenage children, be prepared to be flexible. It may be “your night” with the kids, but keep in mind that your children also have wants and needs of their own.

If they decide they want to go hang out with friends and said friends are in your ex’s part of town, talk with your co-parent and make proper visitation plans. Remember, Halloween is all about the kids, and keeping them comfortable and happy is what matters.

As New Co-Parents, Don’t Create Unnecessary Problems

If you went through a contested divorce and have a particularly difficult co-parent, try not to let your emotions create unnecessary problems. This is your child’s first Halloween as a divorced family, and you don’t want to create a negative stigma surrounding the holidays with much larger events on the horizon.

Take some time out of your schedules to talk with your ex and agree on:

  • How late the kids can stay out
  • What costumes are appropriate
  • How much candy they can eat
  • Halloween plans if attending an out of area event (i.e. party or haunted attraction)

If Possible, Make Halloween a Step Forward

In many divorce cases, getting together as a family may not be the easiest option. However, with a little extra effort, you and your ex could make Halloween a huge step forward into what is their new reality. This isn’t technically one of the big holidays, but it’s good practice for how your family can approach holidays and become a unit during the times of the year where it really counts.

Ensure Child Custody Works for Your Family With Marx, Altman & Johnson

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