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A new year is supposed to represent a time of new beginnings and starting over again. Many people look at this as an opportunity to meet certain weight or financial goals, and that is their main focus. While most people will be ringing in the new year with very outgoing resolutions, we must remember that there are others with resolutions that will ultimately result in a divorce. Here are some of our suggestions for comfortably facing divorce and child custody issues as the new year approaches

Get Some Confidants

Just having someone to talk to throughout your divorce can be a helpful way of coping with what is a very hard time in most people’s lives. You may not want to divulge all of your details to everyone, but it is important to pick a few close friends or family members to keep in the loop during the divorce or child custody process.

This is a great way to ground yourself if the divorce process begins to become overwhelming for you or your children.

Find a Great Family Law Attorney

The choice of who you select as a family law attorney for your divorce is extremely important. Get out and interview divorce lawyers and find out what they are all about and what types of divorces they can handle. We recommend that you come up with a list of questions and interview potential lawyers like you would a job applicant.

  • Do they work in contested or uncontested divorce?
  • Will they handle the division of marital property?
  • How much experience do they have with child custody
  • How has your success been with your clients and their divorce settlements?

Make a Plan for Child Custody

Child custody is a tough subject to handle and should be worked out in the presence of your family lawyer. However, it may be a good idea to start formulating a plan for how you as parents will handle holidays, birthdays, and general visits. Your divorce is going to be an event that impacts the entire family, especially your children. It is important that you are able to find a way to ease the emotional burden off of their shoulders by paying attention to your children throughout the divorce process.

Try to Keep a Level Head

If the new year comes around and your divorce is not completely settled, don’t ignore the fact that it is going on, but take the steps to try not to escalate any conflict. Keeping a level head with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is integral to the success and outcome of the overall divorce.

Call the Professionals to Help You with the Divorce Process

If you are currently under the shadow of divorce and are looking for a way to navigate the process efficiently, get in touch with the offices of Marx, Altman & Johnson. We are a team of experienced divorce lawyers that will be able to help you get through the key legalities of your divorce. Call us today to find out about our services and to set up an initial consultation.