First Steps in Getting a Divorce

First Steps in Getting a Divorce

What are the First Steps in Seeking a Divorce?

The decision to divorce is never an easy one. Once you’ve decided to end your marriage you’ll need to begin the divorce process. In Texas, the divorce process can be made easier with the use of a “no-fault” divorce. One or the other party must begin by filing for a divorce with the court system. Before you begin the process it’s best to consult with a dedicated divorce attorney for guidance.

There are many family law offices out there, but a law firm like Marx, Altman & Johnson that dedicates almost 100% of our time to divorce cases is best equipped to help you file for divorce. With more than 20 years of experience, attorneys like Rod Marx have worked with tens of thousands of clients and has the experience to help offer the best outcome for your case.

The Divorce Process

Before beginning the divorce process you’ll need to review your financial and legal obligations. Finances are often a topic of disagreement during a divorce. You will need to make sure you have a current list of your finances including both assets and debts. In Texas, property acquired during the marriage is generally considered marital property and will be divided equally between both parties. When listing assets and debts be sure to include bank accounts, credit cards, homes, vehicles, and retirement accounts, among other items.

Grounds for Divorce

In Texas, married couples are able to utilize a “no-fault” divorce. This means that the couple has irreconcilable differences which make marriage no longer possible. A no-fault divorce is often easier and faster than using other grounds because neither party needs to prove fault. There are other grounds for divorce including such things as adultery, fraud, and abandonment. These grounds may be the basis for a more advantageous settlement so you don’t want to necessarily rule them out.

Beginning the Process

The first step to take when seeking a divorce is to consult with a divorce attorney. Every divorce is different and has a unique set of circumstances. Your divorce lawyer will assist you in resolving differences while keeping your best interests in mind. Settlement terms will be reviewed and include such things as how to divide property, distribution of debts, how child custody and visitation will be handled, and the disposition of the family home.

The divorce process can be a difficult and stressful one. Let an experienced divorce attorney guide you and assist in making the experience as stress-free as possible. Schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of our divorce attorneys at Marx, Altman & Johnson today.

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