What Do Lawyers Do in a Divorce?

what do lawyers do in a divorce

At Marx, Altman & Johnson, our divorce lawyers handle negotiations on the division of assets and debt among you and your spouse. If there are any children, we can help set the terms and help secure your rights to child custody and child support. While every case is different, we’ll work quickly with you to resolve these challenging balances, draft the paperwork, file the proper documents, and keep track of all the required deadlines.

Our purpose is to ensure that your divorce can move forward as smoothly and with the least amount of added stress. This is already a difficult process and managing the logistics of a divorce by yourself can simply make matters worse. We will take that added stress off of you and ensure that your divorce case proceeds in the right direction.

For a fast, affordable divorce lawyer, there’s no better recommendation than the experienced divorce lawyers at Marx, Altman, & Johnson. Schedule your appointment online at your convenience.

Starting Your Divorce Case

First thing to do is schedule your divorce consultation for free with one of our divorce attorneys. At your initial meeting we will go over your specific type of divorce, whether it’s an agreed divorce or a contested divorce as well as any implications of child support and child custody that may be involved. We’ll also walk you through the process of your divorce in an easy to follow manner. Then we’ll have you fill out some forms during and primarily, after the consultation.

We’ll set you up with a complete game plan for your divorce case and discuss our role as your divorce lawyer.

What Do I Have to Do in a Divorce?

The initial part of your divorce requires some communication and information to be provided to your divorce attorney at Marx, Altman & Johnson. This can include factual background paperwork, question and answers (sometimes formally if required by your spouses attorney), and to touch base over how things are going.

Along with your initial paperwork, make sure you have copies of everything used in your divorce. Make copies of tax returns, bank statements, investments, retirement accounts, mortgage documents, financial statements, credit card statements, wills, social security statements, vehicle titles, and more. Don’t worry about all of this right now, because we will discuss everything you need to do at your initial consultation with our divorce attorneys near you.

That’s right. We have divorce law offices all over the Dallas / Fort Worth area including Plano, Arlington, Irving, and Keller. You can schedule your initial consultation for free with one of our affordable divorce attorneys at your nearest location on our website.  Simply Book an Appointment at your convenience.

How Do I Know I Have the Best Divorce Attorney?

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney that can keep you from getting frustrated about the process by ensuring that the paperwork is filed on time, and that solutions are found to each obstacle, and is willing to work effectively with your spouse’s attorney to provide the best possible outcome, then you know you’ve found one of the best divorce attorneys in Fort Worth / Dallas.

You should also be able to relate and converse comfortable with your lawyers about your divorce. Rod Marx and his incredible team of lawyers are great at putting their clients at ease with an understanding ear, clear communication, and provide the needed results in a timely manner regarding your divorce.