How do I hire a good divorce attorney?

How do I hire a good divorce attorney

Hiring a good divorce attorney is pretty straight forward, but should be a decision made with care. With nearly half of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, it’s a good idea to find a lawyer that’s experienced in handling these types of family law cases with care. What you do when searching for a good divorce attorney is what really matters. Here’s some tips to follow when looking for the right divorce attorney to handle your case.

  1. Ask for Recommendations and Check Reviews
  2. Research Potential Family Law Firms
  3. Look into costs
  4. Try a free consultation

Ask for Recommendations and Check Reviews

Find out what other people think and have experienced with their divorce attorney. Did they have a good experience or was it stressful? Did they get an outcome they were happy with or does it seem like they consistently fail to get adequate results for their clients? Family law cases are of a sensitive nature and require a delicate touch. That’s why we recommend looking at others experiences first before meeting with a lawyer. One thing we do to help make a decision is to offer our first consultation free of charge.

Research Potential Family Law Firms

Before making their choice, we suggest that you research and check the reputation of the lawyers you are considering hiring. This includes looking into their education, qualifications and record. Researching the potential candidates may help ensure you select an attorney who is experienced in dealing with issues similar to yours. At Marx, Altman & Johnson, we’ve have decades of experience handling a vast array of divorce cases. You could say that we’ve seen it all.

Look into costs

According to the Texas State Law Library, Texas is a community property state, which means each spouse has equal right to their marital assets. Consequently, people’s resources may be limited until their divorce is finalized. Since the costs of legal representation can vary significantly, it is advisable for divorcing spouses to ask about the fee structures. Doing so may help them narrow down their choices, and make certain they are selecting a lawyer that will not break their budgets.

Try a free consultation

Get a free consultation and find out if Marx, Altman & Johnson is the right family law firm to handle your needs.