How Fast Can You Get a Divorce in Texas?

How Fast Can You Get a Divorce in Texas

One of the most common questions we get from clients is how fast can they get divorced in Texas. Every state has it’s own minimum time limits and waiting periods, and for Texas that’s 60 days. That means that the fastest a couple can get a divorce is 60 days in Texas. This isn’t usually the case. From the first filing until the completion of the divorce, you’re usually looking at up to 4 – 6 months for a divorce to reach a conclusion in Texas as each party may change its mind about property or child custody, etc.

Let’s have a look at what happens during the process of divorce in Texas and what you can expect to happen along the way.

The Process of Divorce in Texas

The first step in a Texas divorce is deciding whether this is going to be an uncontested divorce where both parties are agreed on everything pertaining to the divorce or whether it will be a contested divorce with litigation. It’s quite common that if a married couple has kids that the divorce will come to litigation. Without kids, the process is only about half as difficult. To prevent litigation over child custody and parental rights, it helps if both parents focus on remaining co-parents and doing what is best for the kids.

The next step is to reach an agreement on all of the issues that need to be resolved for a divorce decree to be written. The client then brings that document to the attorney to file the petition on behalf of the client.

At this point, we draft the decree to divorce and any supporting documents needed, including the waiver.

Next, we send those documents to the other spouse for review and signature so long as everything looks correct.

Afterwards, those documents are sent back to the attorney for whoever hired the first spouse.

Our attorney will then file for divorce so long as everyone is agreed upon everything within the divorce.

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