Divorce New Year Resolution

If your 2019 is going to start with a divorce, coming up with some resolutions to make the process easier is a great plan. At Marx, Altman & Johnson, we understand that divorce can be a testing time and approaching the best solutions can be a difficult path to navigate.

Here are seven tips from Dallas divorce lawyers on how to best prepare for your divorce in the New Year.

1. Review the Divorce Process in Your State

In order for your divorce to run as smoothly as possible, take the time to review the divorce process in your area. All states have a different approach to divorce that could easily impact a divorcing couple’s:

2. Update Your Estate

Even before your divorce is final, it is crucial to review your estate plan and prepare for updates. We suggest combing through all of your necessary documents that could create issues should you pass away after your divorce.

The documents you should review include:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Insurance Policies 

3. Take Another Look at Your Proposed Divorce Agreement

When you first planned out your initial divorce agreement, both you and your spouse could have been in a very negative headspace. Understand that as time goes on, sometimes feelings and wishes change. Take the new year as a great time to figure out what is and isn’t viable in your current divorce agreement. Since most provisions of a Divorce Agreement are final and irrevocable once entered with the Court, if changes need to be made, it is always a smart idea to discuss fair resolutions with your divorce attorney before it is too late.

4. Keep up with Your Health

Not only is a divorce an emotional journey, but it can also have physical effects on a person. Take care of your mind and body in 2019 by joining a gym or getting involved with other practices like yoga.

5. Create a Solid Co-Parenting Plan

If children and child custody are part of your divorce agreement, then making sure that all of your co-parenting bases are covered is a resolution to make in 2019. Nail down areas like visitation schedules, where the child will primarily live, and how you could approach holidays/vacations in the future.

Making the right choices in co-parenting is crucial for your child’s development during this change in your family’s life.

6. Schedule an Appointment with a Financial Advisor

After your divorce is finalized, building up your finances may be a challenge. Make sure that you and your children’s future is solid by meeting with a financial advisor that can help you restructure your lives post-divorce.

Start 2019 with a Clean Slate Through Marx, Altman & Johnson

Even if you are going through a divorce, a New Year means a new beginning. Let the divorce attorneys at Marx, Altman & Johnson help you through the divorce process and into your new life. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation or have any of your important divorce questions answered.