Texas is a state that takes child support seriously. If you get divorced in Texas and do not have custody of your minor child, you’ll be legally required to make regular child support payments.

The purpose of this financial support is to help give your child the best life possible after your divorce. So, by failing to make payments, not only do you create a negative experience for your family, but you could also end up with these six additional problems.

1.  You May Get Jail Time

failure to pay child support

No, you may not go to jail if you accidentally make a late payment. However, child support evasion is taken seriously in Texas. Failure or refusal to make child support payments could put you behind bars.

2.  Failing to Pay Child Support Impacts Your Licenses

According to Chapter 232 of the Texas Family Code, failure to pay child support can impact various licenses. The following licenses can be revoked if you choose to ignore your child support orders:

  • Driver’s license
  • Business license
  • Concealed handgun license
  • Hunting/fishing license

3.  The Government Steps In

One way or another, the Texas government is going to ensure that your child support payments are made. This means that the state can garnish child support wages from your paychecks and it can also seize tax refunds and lottery winnings. When you owe child support, any state or federal resources provided to you are fair game.

4.  Your Property Can Be Put At Risk

Much like back-taxes, piled up child support payments can result in a lien being placed on your property. This means that until these payments are made, you can face liens against:

  • Your home
  • Cars
  • Retirement plans

…and more!

5.  You Could End Up on the Child Support Evaders Website

Child Support Evaders website

If you owe $5,000 or more in unpaid child support, you are most likely already on the child support evaders website. This site keeps a record of who is delinquent, how much they owe, and a link that allows the public to help the state locate your whereabouts.

6.  The Amount You Owe Will Only Increase

Until your children become legal adults, child support payments will not go away. If you refuse to make your monthly payment, not only could you face the aforementioned problems, but your amount due will continuously rise.

Even if you continue to not pay as your children enter adulthood, the state will still find a way to collect the unpaid amount owed.

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