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When you first got married, you never dreamed you’d need a divorce lawyer. You were in love and thought that feeling would last forever. Circumstances have since changed and you find yourself needing a lawyer during this emotional time. Finding the right divorce attorney to handle your case can be difficult. You need someone who will care and get results. At Marx, Altman, & Johnson, we do everything we can for our clients filing for divorce. Here are 5 questions we recommend you ask potential lawyers before making a hiring decision.

How Will I Be Charged Fees?

Knowing how your lawyer will bill you is important so you can plan and budget accordingly. Some divorce lawyers charge by the hour while others may have a different way of billing you. Make sure to ask if you will be billed for time spent with paralegals and secretaries as well. It’s worth noting that a lawyer won’t be able to give you a firm answer on how much the cost of your divorce will be because it depends greatly on the length of time and conflict involved.

Can I Negotiate Directly With My Spouse?

When going through a divorce, often times the couple divorcing may want to negotiate division of the assets themselves depending on the type of divorce they’re seeking. However, some lawyers will request that you refrain from this due to the legal issues that could arise. When hiring an attorney, be sure to ask them how they prefer you communicate with your spouse.

What Experience Does the Lawyer Have?

Asking about the experience of a potential divorce lawyer will help you gauge whether or not he or she is the right person to handle your case. Each case is unique to the individuals involved but the case type should be familiar to your lawyer. At Marx, Altman, & Johnson, we have years of experience helping our clients in agreed divorces, contested divorces, and even child custody and child support cases.

Who Else Will be Working on My Case?

Law firms, depending on their size, will most likely have several different people working on an individual case. In addition to the attorneys themselves, paralegals and administrative personnel might be dealing with certain aspects of your case. If knowing who else will be working on your case is important to you, ask your potential attorney if you can meet them.

How Will We Communicate?

Ask your lawyer up front how they prefer to communicate with clients. In any legal case, communication is vital for a successful outcome. Whether it’s in person or over the phone, knowing ahead of time will eliminate a lot of uncertainty. Our Dallas and Fort Worth divorce law firm recognizes that communication is often hindered if lawyers charge clients for phone calls. Because we value our clients and believe we’ll get a better outcome from thorough communication, phone calls are free.

Let Marx, Altman & Johnson Handle Your Case

Are you filing for divorce and need an experienced law firm to handle your case? Look no further. We’re attorneys who care and want the very best for all of our clients. No matter how messy or difficult your case is, we can handle it. Contact either of our Dallas or Fort Worth locations today for more information!

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