Signs You May Be in Toxic Marriage

All too often the divorce we handle are the result of a toxic marriage where the love has been lost over the years. If you feel like your marriage may be headed towards a contested divorce, be on the lookout for these red flags that you may be in a toxic relationship.

Your Partner is Controlling

Sometimes advice pushing a loved one in the right direction can seem like a step towards protection. However, overt control can be a subtle and easily manipulated sign of a toxic relationship. When one partner in the marriage has to maintain control over the ins and outs of the relationship like where the couple goes and who the other spouse can spend time with, there is a problem brewing.

The line between a toxic relationship and abusive marriage is very thin, and unfortunately, a controlling spouse can lead to issues like:

They Are Your Biggest Critic

If you find that your spouse has become overly critical of you over the years, and you constantly feel on the defensive, this is a sign of a toxic marriage. While constructive criticism every now and then isn’t usually a big problem, when your self worth begins to revolve around their criticisms, your marriage could be headed in a toxic direction.

You’d Rather Spend Time With Your Children Than Your Spouse

It’s normal to want to spend time with your children. However, if you find that your spouse’s actions towards you and your family have led you to spend time with your children out of avoidance, there is a problem.

The family dynamic is usually something that isn’t split up by choice unless separation is on one partner’s mind. If you and your children prefer to spend time away from your spouse, child custody discussions may be in the near future for your marriage.

Secret Friendships

You and your spouse most likely have the same set of friends. In most situations, this makes life great, but in a toxic marriage, one could be led to believe if they speak up about any issues in the marriage, their friends won’t back them up. 

While these doubts may seem like a bout of paranoia, they’re normal feelings that usually result in an attempt to create a sense of normalcy through a new set of friends, separate from your other circles. 

If you find that you’ve gone out of the way to create and maintain relationships that your spouse doesn’t know about, this is a subtle sign that you already know there is something “off” in your marriage.

They No Longer Pitch Into the Relationship

A marriage is a partnership. However, if it becomes apparent that the relationship is now one-sided and the communication is lost, you may have a problem on your hands. If you see that you’re expected to do everything in your marriage, from the cooking to taking care of your children, your relationship is one step farther away from being an evenly distributed effort.

Ready to Exit Your Toxic Marriage? Marx, Altman & Johnson Can Help!

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