5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Child Custody Case

The time between the finalizing of your divorce and child custody decisions is more important in a divorce than most people think. While most parents will try to make joint-custody work, sometimes one parent may feel like they need to have sole custody of their children.

In these cases, it is important to avoid certain mistakes and situations that could compromise any plans that a parent may have for their custody case.

You’ve Been Arrested

Showing that you are a fit parent is important to making your case stick. However, one of the easiest ways to ruin your chances as a custody litigant is to get arrested while the custody dispute is still ongoing.

An arrest will provide ammunition to the opposing parent who will most likely try to claim that the arrested parent is unfit for custody due to anger management issues or tendencies towards violence.

While an arrest during a custody battle does not necessarily mean custody is out if the question, it can present a serious obstacle requiring a good gameplan between you and your family law attorney.

Disobeying The Court

In most child custody situations, the Court will issue temporary custody orders that will be in place until the actual trial for the divorce. This means that parents need to follow temporary orders that include:

  • Returning the child to the other parent at a specific time/day
  • Asking permission to spend unsupervised time with the children

By violating any preliminary child custody orders, it will be evident to the presiding judge that you do not respect the Court’s authority. This disregard will surely impact the final decision for custody once your divorce is finalized.

Refusal To Communicate And Co-Parent Reasonably

Even though your divorce may be emotionally trying for you and your soon-to-be-ex, communication and attempts to co-parent reasonably are key. Not only does this help increase your chances of joint/sole custody, but it also has an extremely positive impact on your children involved.

Poor Display Of Judgement On Social Media

Turning to social media during a custody battle may seem like a good place to “vent,” but it can be a wrecking ball for your child custody efforts. Even though one may think their information is private. images and posts are easily accessible by the Courts.

Sadly, this means that typing a message out of anger or posting pictures that have questionable actions in them can have some real-world consequences in your case.

Marx, Altman & Johnson Help Get You On The Right Side Of Child Custody

The time leading up to the finalization of your divorce can be one that is difficult and emotional. Don’t take a misstep and lose your chances of gaining child custody rights that work on your terms.

At Marx. Altman & Johnson, we are firm of family law attorneys that primarily focus on child custody and other areas of contested and uncontested divorce. If you are currently facing a divorce, contact us today to ensure that you are well-represented on this journey.

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