Tips for the Holidays After a Divorce

The holidays can be a trying time in the direct aftermath of a divorce. Especially during Thanksgiving, a divorce can really put a damper on the things in life to be thankful for.

However, whether you are a divorced parent or someone who is now recently completely single, there are still many ways that you can enjoy this special holiday without letting your current situation spoil the traditional mood.

1. Be Flexible with Your Plans

For parents that are trying to recreate the holidays after a divorce, flexibility is key. Remember, the actual holiday dates are more important to grown-ups than to children. This means that when it comes to Thanksgiving if you must, be willing to schedule your dinner a day or two early. Regardless of when you plan your holiday, the mood and experience will be the key aspects that your family in attendance will walk away with.

2. Stay Focused on What You Can Control

Sometimes, parents have specific child custody and visitation plans that they must stick to. These are usually court-mandated guidelines and must be adhered to. Also, consistency is important with your schedule, and this will help prepare your children for how Thanksgivings may work from here on out. So, even if you can’t afford to be flexible with your plans, you still have some control over your holiday time based on your visitation schedules.

This is great because it can help you focus on the time that you will have with your children instead of wondering if you are going to see them at all this holiday season.

3. Switch Off Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

If you and your family were close prior to the divorce, perhaps you and your ex-spouse can come to an agreement to alternate who hosts dinner on the holidays. Since Thanksgiving is a time to bring a combination of people together, see if you can make an attempt to include your former spouse at the dinner table.

While it may be a decision that doesn’t stick right away, trying a joint Thanksgiving promotes a positive result that can have a strong impact on your children during this time in your lives.

4. Forge Your Own Traditions

For those who have recently become divorced and don’t have children of their own, now is the time to begin creating your own traditions. One popular alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is “Friendsgiving.” This is a meal shared between friends either on or around the actual holiday. This is a great tradition to start because you can surround yourself with friends who will be able to bring down the elevated emotions that the holidays can cause for the recently divorced.

Get Through Your Divorce this Season with Marx, Altman & Johnson

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