Contested Divorce

Every divorce has different circumstances and different ways to approach the situation. We know that divorce is never an easy option for a family, but sometimes the parties cannot agree on the specifics of the divorce and the process becomes contested.

An experienced family law attorney in Fort Worth will be able to help protect your rights in a contested divorce. While legal advice is most definitely helpful, a contested divorce is a difficult journey that is much more than difficult meetings and court appearances.

Here are three ways that you can help deal with the preparations necessary for a contested divorce.

1. Make a List of Specific Questions for Your Family Law Attorney

During a divorce certain terms and processes are spread around that not everyone has a solid grasp on. This is where your divorce attorney comes in. You may be nervous in the face of your contested divorce, or during your first consultation with your legal advisor. Take a night or two to come up with at least ten specific questions that you have on the process and how they plan to work with you throughout.

2. Don’t Accept Legal Advice from Friends and Family

Many people you know may have already been in a similar situation and have gotten a divorce. They may think that they understand the legal ins and outs because they “have been where you are.”

Yes, these people have the best intentions for you, but comparing and contrasting your case with theirs could only dig you deeper into a hole of confusion. The circumstances for each situation vary widely from case to case and these specifics are ultimately what has impacted the result of your friend or family’s divorce. Make sure that you rely solely on your family law attorney for legal advice or about the next steps that need to be taken.

This doesn’t mean you have to shut out your likeminded friends. They are still a great source of emotional comfort for you in this time of need.

3. Think About the Motivation for the Contested Divorce

When approaching a contested divorce and discussing potential legal moves with your divorce lawyer, it is a good idea to consider what motivations the opposing party may have. Are they trying to bring up equity for their own well-being, or is the contested divorce a delaying tactic due to potential second thoughts?

Understanding the possible motivation of the opposing party can help you get a handle on the situation and then be able to properly determine the approach that you want to use to get to a conclusion that works for you.

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