Flat Fee Divorce

A divorce is an event that has an immense impact on a family. Many decisions need to be made in this process that involve the nature of the divorce and how long the spouses want to go through the actual process. These are the first questions that need to be asked when making your starting divorce decisions.

Many couples in Dallas-Fort Worth examine the option of a flat fee divorce. This process is different from a standard divorce because it helps the couple save on a lot of time and money. Marx, Altman, & Johnson have come up with four reasons that we think a flat rate divorce can be beneficial for the uncontested divorce process.

3. We Keep You Focused

By working with a flat fee Dallas divorce attorney, you are able to remain focused on what really matters. Instead of worrying about how much the divorce and attorney fees are going to cost, you can focus on the important decisions that need to be made, continue working normally at your job, and finding reasonable solutions for your disputes that may arise.

Deciding what you want to spend up front helps you form a trial strategy in partnership with your attorney from the beginning. This best utilizes your available resources to obtain the best result and keep your eye on the main goal without getting lost in the specifics.

2. Controlled Budgets

When you meet with a flat fee attorney, one of the first things that will be discussed is the price of services. A flat fee divorce avoids the issue of constantly reviewing how much time you are going to be billed for each session.

Remember, without a bill constantly running up because of time spent, decisions regarding the outcome of the divorce are able to be made with clearer heads.

With a flat fee you won’t get half way through your divorce and then run out of money to finish the litigation as commonly happens with many law firms that bill by the hour. A flat fee makes budgeting for the divorce transition much easier when you know the total cost up front which can reduce the overall stress load of going through the divorce.

1. Settle at a Reasonable Rate

Typical clients in a divorce settlement don’t necessarily want the divorce to take up years of their lives like some can. With hourly attorneys, clients are subject to seeing their money decrease as the divorce is constantly pushed on through continuous filed motions, postponed Court dates, etc.

The divorce may get completed sooner rather than later since you attorney has no financial incentives to drag out your case.


Going with a Flat Fee, Go with Marx, Altman & Johnson

If you are a couple going through a divorce, don’t waste your money in hours of court hearings and meetings that go nowhere. Contact the office of Marx, Altman, & Johnson today so that we can discuss further benefits of flat fee divorces. Let us help you take the first steps into a new chapter of your life. Find a location near you in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and more.

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