Child Custody is about communication

Child custody is a process that is both painful and taxing to everyone that is involved. Not only do parents have to try to hold their emotions together for their children, but they have to fully understand the laws in their state regarding the requirements and processes of child custody.

Using a family law attorney, parents in the heat of a child custody case are able to avoid any of these three mistakes that could lead to an unwanted ruling during the final moments of a child custody case. From social media to face-to-face interaction, here are the top 3 mistakes that parents find themselves making during child custody.

Refusal of Cooperation

During a divorce, practicing co-parenting is key to the success of your child custody agreement. This is also one of the main areas where mistakes are made due to poor communication with the other parent. Communication is vital to both parents because a judge has the ultimate power of deciding which parent the child spends the most time with.

If one member of the parental party shows refusal or inability to properly communicate or co-parent with the other parent involved, then the judgement ultimately leans toward the more involved parent, regardless of how much the uncooperative parent wants to be in their child’s life.

Social Media Misjudgment

Social media has become the online, public diary for most members of our modern society. This means that very often, parents struggling with a divorce that involves child custody will turn to social media either for advice or vindication. Frustrations are vent, the other parent is usually talked down about, and all of this information is not private. In fact, most of it can be seen by the public eye.

Inappropriate use of social media where your single life is on display can easily lead you to losing your child custody battle due to proof of a substance or alcohol abuse habits that may be present. A good family law lawyer would advise you to never post something on your social media accounts that you wouldn’t be comfortable having a judge look at in court while deciding your child custody fate.

Disobeying Court Temporary Orders

At the onset of a divorce, it is common practice for a court to issue temporary child custody orders. These orders give some preliminary time-frames in which each parent can obtain custody of the children. If a parent is caught disobeying the orders, like in an example where they continuously have the child later than ordered, this will not be looked well upon by family law judges and could negatively impact a final decision.

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